What to Bring on your Fishing Trip / Preperation Information

What to Bring:
Food & Drink
Life Jacket (Coast Guard Approved Only - Not a seat cushion)
Camera (Please email your full-size fishing pictures to us)
Dish Towels, Dish soap & Bath Towels
Hand soap & shampoo
Clothes & rain gear & hat
Personal medications
Personal toiletries & toilet paper
Paper towels
First Aid Kit
Ziploc bags for fish
Matches & lighters
Bug spray - 11% DEET or better
Mosquito Coils / Citronella Candles
Sun tan lotion - 15 SPF or better (30 or better recommended)
Fishing Gear
Landing Net
Fillet knife
Measuring tape & scale
Depth Finder
Compass (if portaging through the bush)
Flashlight (Floating & Waterproof)