Northwestern Ontario Black Bear Hunting

Black Bear Hunting has been a time-honored family tradition that we are proud of and take very seriously. Years of experience combined with our fantastic location gives us the ability to offer one of the best Black Bear hunts in Ontario.

Our lodge is located at the gateway to what most people would call the extreme north. There is not much north of us except vast amounts of wilderness. In this vast wilderness Black Bears are the dominant predator where the biggest of the bruins stake out the best territories and chase the smaller young bears out. Our BMA covers nothing but prime territory. Bears in our area average around 250 pounds but every year we have guests harvesting Black Bears in the 350 to 450 pound range. Since owning the lodge we have had guests harvest truly magnificent trophy Black Bears pushing 500 pounds but they are rare. Black Bears that big are smart and it is rare for a hunter to ever see them because they are so stealthy.

Our Bear Management Area (BMA) consists of 185 square kilometers of diverse terrain that ranges from logged areas where new grasses and seasonal berry bushes grow to old growth forest. There are many lakes and streams in the area including marshes created by Beaver dams; beaver is a favorite prey of Black Bear.

We have 30 baited stands, both tree stands or ground blinds, which are all placed strategically in previously scouted active bait sites. All baited stands are at least one mile apart. We purposefully set up some ground blinds to be easily accessible by guests who have physical challenges. We start baiting 6 weeks before the hunt and replenish the food every second day to ensure returning bears.

Our bear hunting guests see lots of Black Bears during a week of hunting with sightings always over 100%. Hunter patience is the key to successfully harvesting a trophy. To ensure our bear hunting stays great we only take a maximum of 15 hunters per year and we require a minimum of two people in your group.

A great advantage to our hunting guests is the location of our lodge. We are right in the middle of our BMA. There is no long drive from the stands and back every day using up all your time. Black Bears are most active in the morning and the late afternoon/evening, which is when hunting takes place. This leaves midday open for hunters to use our boats and motors and enjoy the great fishing. Nothing is better than Black Bear hunting and having fresh Walleye for dinner.

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