Northwestern Ontario Moose Hunting

We are sorry but we don't have any adult Moose tags at this time.

A Bull Moose is a truly impressive and intimidating sight to see up close. Just imagine a Bull Moose, standing 7 feet at the shoulders, slowly making his way toward you; antlers swaying back-&-forth while thrashing clumps of brush on either side; his deep guttural grunts raising every hair on your neck. No other hunt compares to the adrenaline rush of a prime rut Archery Bull Moose hunt!

Bull Moose hunting is something we have a lot of experience with. We are located in one of the best Moose hunting regions in Ontario. Our guides pre-scout the prime hunting areas for fresh Bull Moose sign such as bark/sapling rubs, fresh scat piles and active wallow pits. During the hunt you and your guide will be on the ground in active areas with fresh sign and will engage is effective attraction behavior, thrashing tree branches and calling as either a competing bull or cow to lure in rutting Bulls. During the rut the bigger bulls are ready to fight to protect their territory and show dominance. The guide will do the work to bring the Moose within target range while you are ready to shoot. There is nothing more exciting than that very moment when the Moose moves into range, especially if it's your first Moose.

We must stress that this is a physically demanding hunt with lots of walking through rugged terrain. You must be in good shape to completely enjoy all aspects of this hunt. Hunters are hunting Ontario's largest Big-game animal and are expected to know their bow well and practice! We expect a draw weight of at least 60lbs for Moose hunting. A fixed blade broad head with a 7/8" cutting diameter is recommended. Hunters should research proper shot placement if it's their first time hunting Moose.

Upon a successful harvest we will assist with game retrieval and field dressing. It is imperative that everybody joins forces to field dress the Moose and get the meat to a butcher as soon as possible so your Moose meat is fresh and tasty.

Our camp cooler is not large enough to hang a Moose but hunters can make arrangements with a local butcher to process and package the meet. Processing fees are the hunter's responsibility however we will help set that up for you.

Our Moose hunting tags are for WMU 8. Presently we receive two Bull Moose archery tags. Our expertise is with archery so we prefer to have bow hunters. The terrain in WMU 8 consists of thick new growths of Poplar Trees, low lying wet marshy areas surrounded by creeks, bogs, small ponds and lakes. It's the perfect habitat for Moose.

We also supply accommodation for resident hunters with their own tags for WMU 8 and WMU 5. We are only a 45 minute drive from the southern end of WMU 5.

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