Ontario Jumbo Perch Fishing

Perch fishing is a great way to get young children hooked on fishing and even a lot of fun for adults; using simple ultra light, inexpensive gear. Perch are schooling fish and active daytime feeders, so when you catch one get your bait quickly back in the water at the same depth; there will be more. Perch is open all year and with a sports fishing license you can keep 50 of them. Perch are considered one of the best tasting fresh water fish, and a great way to get enough fish for a big fish fry.

Perch fishing is really easy on Rugby Lake. You just need to anchor at the edge of a weed bed and fish straight down with a hook and a tiny piece of worm or minnow and catch one after another. Guests commonly go out in the afternoon and catch a mess of Perch many in the 8 inch to 12.5 inch range.

Some of the really big Perch are brave enough to venture out of weed cover and hang out with the Walleyes so you can and often do catch them while Walleye fishing. In Ontario these really big Perch are called Jumbo Perch, while Walleye fishing you should run into some of the bigger Jumbo Perch.