Northwestern Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting

Most Whitetail Deer hunters across North America have heard of Northwestern Ontario's Monster Whitetail Bucks with their big muscular bodies, thick necks and massive racks. It's hard to buy a hunting magazine without something written about deer hunting in Ontario. The open grasslands and farms in the Dryden area have become legendary. We are lucky that our lodge is in the heart of this great hunting region and we have plenty of these giant Whitetail Bucks for our hunting guests to harvest! Our camp sits on the border of the farmlands of Eton & Rugby Townships and the vast expanses of crown lands encompassing the Mafeking Loop. If you are familiar with the area then you know we are situated right in the best Whitetail hunting.

Our trophy Whitetail Deer hunts have an excellent success rate due to the availability of deer in the area and the skills and experience of our professional guides. Primarily we provide guided private-land hunts on 1500 acres of property exclusive to Rugby Lake Lodge, which consist of farmland, a mixture of previously logged brush and areas with standing timber. All of our hunts are fare-chase for wild bucks. We have both tree-stands and ground blinds available depending on the suitability of the location. Stands and blinds are strategically placed to ensure best direct line-of-sight of the target zone for your weapon of choice.

We understand the importance of being comfortable while waiting for your trophy deer. Our stands are chosen with your safety and comfort in mind. Tree-stands and ground blinds are placed along previously scouted active game trails, natural food sources or plots. Our guides also look for buck rubs and scrape lines. We will do some baiting as a means for closer range hunting however we much prefer better stand placement in previously scouted hot spots.

There are forty sub-species of Whitetail Deer found in North America. Northwestern Ontario has what is called the Northern(Woodland),O.V. Borealis. These are the largest Whitetail Deer found anywhere. Heredity and environment both play a role in the evolution of these giant deer. It has been observed that the farther north you go the bigger the Whitetails get. Our lodge is located in the upper northern region of their range so the Whitetail Bucks in our area are the biggest of all. It is speculated that they evolved bigger stronger bodies to brave the harsh winters and larger frames to hold larger stomachs, which they needed to digest the local coniferous plant-life. After settlers moved into the area and started opening up land for farming, the extra availability of more nutritious food made their population soar.

In later years some farms were abandoned to turn into grasslands with sporadic softwood trees. With the deer now feeding on hay, oats, clover, softwood bark and shoots as well as native grasses; their meat tastes fantastic. These food sources are widely available on the private lands that we hunt.

Our family has many years of experience with offering Whitetail Deer hunting that is not only rewarding; hunts that are adventurous without sacrificing comfort. Please click here for more details of the hunt and useful information.

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