Whitetail Deer Hunting

Our trophy Whitetail Deer hunts have an excellent success rate due to the availability of deer in the area and the skills and experience of our professional guides. Primarily we provide guided private-land hunts on 1500 acres of property exclusive to Rugby Lake Lodge, which consist of farmland, a mixture of previously logged brush and areas with standing timber. All of our hunts are fare-chase for wild bucks. We have both tree-stands and ground blinds available depending on the suitability of the location. Stands and blinds are strategically placed to ensure best direct line-of-sight of the target zone for your weapon of choice.

Black Bear Hunting

Black Bear Hunting has been a time-honored family tradition that we are proud of and take very seriously. Years of experience combined with our fantastic location gives us the ability to offer one of the best Black Bear hunts in Ontario. Our Bear Management Area (BMA) consists of 185 square kilometers of diverse terrain that ranges from logged areas where new grasses and seasonal berry bushes grow to old growth forest. Bears in our area average around 250 pounds but every year we have guests harvesting Black Bears in the 350 to 450 pound range. Since owning the lodge we have had guests harvest truly magnificent trophy Black Bears pushing 500 pounds but they are rare.

Moose Hunting

Bull Moose hunting is something we have a lot of experience with. We are located in one of the best Moose hunting regions in Ontario. Our guides pre-scout the prime hunting areas for fresh Bull Moose sign such as bark/sapling rubs, fresh scat piles and active wallow pits. During the hunt you and your guide will be on the ground in active areas with fresh sign and will engage is effective attraction behavior, thrashing tree branches and calling as either a competing bull or cow to lure in rutting Bulls. Our Moose hunting tags are for WMU 8. Presently we receive two Bull Moose archery tags. Our expertise is with archery so we prefer to have bow hunters. The terrain in WMU 8 consists of thick new growths of Poplar Trees, low lying wet marshy areas surrounded by creeks, bogs, small ponds and lakes. It's the perfect habitat for Moose.